How does the booking process work?

It's very simple, while also allowing you to personalise every detail. These are the steps:

  1. Enter your personal details and the bike delivery or collection location.
  2. Choose which bikes you would like to hire and the number of each type you require.
  3. Enter the specification for each of the bikes selected (accessories, sizes, etc...)
  4. Confirm the booking and pay the 20% deposit.
  5. An automatic email containing all the details and the booking confirmation is sent to the customer. You should print this email and present it when you receive the bike.

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Which payment methods can I use?

Credit card or cash.

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How do I pay for an order?

You must pay 20% of the balance by card when confirming your booking. The remaining balance will be displayed which must be paid in cash or by card when we deliver the bikes to you.

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How do I arrange to have a bike delivered to my accommodation?

At the first stage of the booking process you will be asked where you are staying or where you are planning to stay. You must also notify us of the time at which you would like to collect your bike; we will send you an email confirmation. We deliver to all parts of Majorca.

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How are the transport costs calculated?

They are calculated based on the volume of the order. There is a fixed price which reduces based on the number of bikes, accessories and days of the booking. Everything is clearly displayed during the booking process.

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What happens if I don't return the bike on time?

It will be charged based on the length of the delay. It will be charged at 100 euros for each day that the bike is not returned. If you notify us in advance (2 days' notice) and your bike is available on the subsequent days, then the rental period can be extended based on the standard rates.

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Do you hold any type of insurance?

We provide our own insurance at a cost of 4 euros/day (with an excess of 50 euros), which covers accidental damage to the bike (falls, spokes, chain, gears, scratches...). Under no circumstances does this insurance cover the theft or loss of the bike or accessories. This insurance is issued individually for each bike at the time the accessories are selected.

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How does the booking cancellation policy work?

If for some reason you cannot make the trip, you should cancel your booking. If the cancellation is made at least one month in advance of the beginning of the period of the booking, a full refund will be issued. If the cancellation is made one month or less before your bikes are due to be collected, the booking fee will not be refunded.

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What if we are travelling as a group but we want to book the bikes separately?

The simplest solution is to get together and organise it as one booking. If this is not possible, agree a code among yourselves and enter it in the comments box on the booking, send us an email : explaining the situation and we will manually group your booking together and recalculate the transports costs.

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What equipment comes with the bike?

Each bike comes with the standard accessories supplied with that model. The use of a helmet at all times is recommended.

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What drivetrain do the road bikes have?

All of our bikes come with a 2x10 or 2x11 drivetrain. You can choose between compact (50x34) and standard (53x39). With the set-ups we have on the bikes (most have 12x28) a triple crankset is not necessary for negotiating the obstacles and routes around Majorca.

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What condition must I return the bike in?

In the same condition it was in after your last day of trekking. You're on holiday – we'll clean it! Remember to return all of the accessories and extras, as otherwise you will be charged for them. If you return it in poor condition from falls or other incidents and you did not take out the insurance, you will be charged for the parts at the rates provided by the supplier in Spain.

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What happens if I have a problem while I'm cycling?

The customer is responsible for any breakdowns or repairs which occur while using the bike, based on current market rates. In the recommendations section there is a list of shops and workshops with which we have agreements that will repair your bike as soon as possible. You can also contact us to call out our breakdown service.

Bike Experience Mallorca responde de las reparaciones causadas por un mal ajuste por nuestra parte o por un defecto del material. En este caso nos desplazaríamos a cualquier punto de la isla y sin coste alguno se sustituiría la pieza o la bicicleta entera en su defecto.

*para más información consultar las condiciones del servicio.

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Do you have any kind of breakdown service?

Yes. This service is intended for carrying out repairs to damage sustained through normal use of the bike or accidents. One of our mechanics will come out to any part of the island to carry out the repair.

  • Rates:
  • Transport: €40 return.
  • Replacement parts: Recommended retail price from the supplier in Spain.
  • Mechanic's labour charge: Free.
Si la reparación es por fallo del material o del ajuste por nuestra parte no se le va a cobrar ni transporte ni el precio de los recambios.

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What happens if I have an accident with the bike?

We hope we never encounter this situation, but cycling can be like that. If you have not taken out our insurance policy, you will be responsible for replacing the broken parts based on current market rates. The replacement of parts will depend on their availability within our business, or from our suppliers.

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Do you sell second-hand bikes?

Yes, bikes from previous seasons and ex demo models. Call +34 617 788 766 or email: for more information.

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What should I bring if I hire a bike?

We recommend that you bring cycling shoes, shoe plates and a helmet. Follow our blog where we provide information on clothing and accessories based on the time of year. You can buy equipment in the section where you select your extras.

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Can you recommend any routes around Majorca?

Yes – visit our routes section where you will find a wide range of routes of all types and difficulty. From routes for families with children to routes for more experienced amateurs.

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Do you organise complete itineraries for cycle tourists or stages for teams?

Yes. We can offer advice regarding accommodation, massage sessions, biomechanics, trainers, guides, technical service... even if you are bringing your own bikes. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us at for a quote. We're certain you'll have a great time!

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