Rental conditions

  1. The renter accepts to return the bicycle and the additional equipment in the same conditions that he or she received on first day (except cleaning).
  2. The renter will correctly use the goods given, taking in any case the necessary measures for a proper functioning of the bicycle. The renter will be responsible for the imperfection, breaking, loss, etc. If the bicycle is broken, lost, robbed, etc. or used inadequately, the price will be charged directly on the credit card according with Spanish dealer prices; even if it is not totally broken, the scratches on the frame or parts will be 75€ per section. We will check the bicycle before and after the start of the rental.
  3. The cost of the new inner tubes are €5. If you have to use it you can pay 5€ when you return the bicycle or we will charge 5€ for the inner tube + 5€ of management costs directly on your card. We don’t accept replacement inner tubes from other suppliers in the saddle bag. You can use your own to repair the bicycle but not to return as a replacement.
  4. The renter will return the bicycle on the stipulated day on the accorded meeting point. If not, bike experience will charge 100 euros for any delay or for each day that the bike is not returned. If you notify us in advance (2 days' notice) and your bike is available on the subsequent days, then the rental period can be extended based on the standard rates. If the user have to end with the bicycle earlier, have to pay the 100% of the total bill (there is no refund possible once the rental period starts). The last return time to the shop is always 6pm on the last day, even if the shop closes later.
  5. The renter is in good health conditions and is prepared for use the bicycle.
  6. Is the responsibility of the renter to take the appropriate measures to avoid the robbery, loss, etc. to the bike. In case of loss or theft, the renter must pay for the full value of the lost or stolen object (with the insurance the theft is not covered).
  7. The renter knows the risks that exist when riding bicycles and they are the only responsible for the damage made to themselves, to a third person or to any other good or personal property due to the correct responsibility derived from an incorrect conduction or an occasional accident. Therefore, the renting company is not responsible for any reclamations in case of accident, injuries or any occasional harm to themselves or to a third person or their property, or for the loss of an object during the period of renting for any physical damage or accident that they can suffer during the renting.
  8. The use of the bike by a person different from the renter or authorized person, will be done under the exclusive responsibility of the renter, being the renter responsible for the breaking , loss, imperfection, etc. to the rented goods, at any moment. The renter is not allowed to include any complement to the bicycle, it is forbidden to dismantle or handle the bicycle.
  9. It is forbidden to use the bicycle in inappropriate areas or conditions for the bicycles.
  10. For the resolution of any controversy that could happen during this present contract, the contractors will be subject to the court or tribunals in the city of Manacor, Mallorca.
  11. Insurance: We offer insurance at 4€ per day, you can contract it when you reserve the bicycle and also when you receive the bicycle from our staff. The insurance covers all the accidental damages on the bicycle, with an excess of 50€. Theft and bad use are not included. In case you have travel insurance, we will give you an invoice to claim them, but the damages or the excess have to be paid in shop before.
  12. If for some reason you cannot make the trip, you should cancel your booking. If the cancellation is made at least one month in advance of the beginning of the period of the booking, a full refund will be issued. If the cancellation is made one month or less before your bikes are due to be collected, the booking fee will not be refunded.
  13. To pick up the bicycle we will require full credit card details and an ID card or passport (number and expiry date.